desperate/compile help

It’s taking me longer to figure out compile than it has to write my book

I am trying to get my first line indents to all equal .5 inches. How can I do this. I have tried everything and it seems as if they just get worse. Some are now 1 inch, some seem to be .25 inches. Is there a way I can fix this. I tried to go back and format my editor via the preferences, but this seemed to have screwed things up further. The first line indents that were already set to .5 inches then became 1 inch. Can you please direct me so I can get back to square one. Formatting the first line indent in compile did not seem to help the problem. It did not override the screwy first line indents I now have in my editor.
Thanks so much I really appreciate your help.

Have you manually typed tabs at the beginning of your paragraphs? If so, when you apply first line indents, the tab characters will appear after the indents, indenting the text further. So, I would run a search for tab characters first.

How do I run a search for tab characters? Is there an automated way to do this.
Thanks so much for your help

I would open the draft in scrivenings mode, then bring up the Find panel (cmd-F) and search for tab characters using that (hold down Option while entering the tab character, otherwise hitting tab will just navigate between text fields).

Presumably, if you turn on “Show Invisibles”, you’ll be able to see them in the text. No?

That is indeed a good point, and a much simpler solution. :slight_smile:

thank you