Desperately want key command or right click to insert a link

I have to use quite a lot of internet links with some of the writing I’m doing, but the only way to insert them seems to be to go to Edit: Add link which is kind of clunky.

I would love there to be a keystroke for this (like Command+K that Word uses) and/or a right click menu option that offers this. Currently you can only add a Scrivener link through this method.

On the Mac, it’s select the word or phrase and type Cmd-L.
In the dialog menu that appears, enter the URL and click OK.

I’d like to offer help, or maybe sympathy, but really, a maneuver which takes two clicks and five seconds does not seem “kind of clunky.” It seems pretty smooth.


Cmd-L is to add a link to something in the binder. I think what istara wants is a shortcut to add an external link.

You can add your own keyboard shortcuts on a mac by going to system prefs > keyboard > keyboard shortcuts > application shortcuts > add new.

Except having just tried this by adding shift-cmd-L to the menu item ‘Add Link…’, it doesn’t seem to like it.

That’s exactly it!

And your method appears to have worked beautifully - I have now set up Cmd-K to open up the Add Link… dialogue.

I added it in Keyboard Preferences just like that: Add Link… (with those three dots)

Thank you a million!

You’ll want to also add Edit Link... to use the same shortcut, as this command will switch between the two–supposedly depending whether the insertion point is on an existing link or not, but this is all controlled by OS X and sometimes (maybe just on Snow Leopard? I forget) it acts up a little and will be Edit Link… even when it should be Add Link…, so by adding the same shortcut for both you’ll ensure it always works.