Detailled statistics

In the Project Target Options, there’s a checkbox for “Count text written anywhere in the project.”

I’ve used a system like the one Robert (Guthrie) suggested, but his refinement of the tabs is an improvement. I also have a macro that produces text with the date and time from an app caled Macro Express (e.g. 2014/06/23 9:08: ). The only problem is that I need to remember to record this every day. Perhaps that will be easy.

I can appreciate that. The measurement certainly isn’t precise, but here’s what the author of 2K to 10K said, concerning a time when she started tracking her word counts:

My Word Counts project document looks like this:

Date Time Count
2014/06/23 8:56 10,869
2014/06/25 11:51 12,942

I copy and past that into a text file, save it as .csv, and load it into OpenOffice calc using “Space” as the delimiter. That works fine, and I end up with three columns: Date, Time, and Count.