Detect what preset is applied

Hi. Is there a way to detect what preset is currently applied to some piece of text?

I mean, If I choose some text, and then apply some preset to it, I can visually see the changes. For example, the Title preset would make text larger.

But is there a way to see the exactly name of applied preset (after it was applied)? For example, I have preset Title and preset Title_Alternative, and they are very similar, but not identical. Okay. Then, I have applied Title_Alternative to some text in my project. And the next day I want to have a way to be sure that it is really Title_Alternative, not just Title. Hope it’s clear (I’m not native English-speaker).

I’m afraid this is not currently possible. Scrivener’s formatting presets are not true “styles,” like you might have in something like Word. They’re just formatting, and as such they don’t “label” the text as having a particular preset.

With titles in particular, you might find it easier to wait until you’re done with the manuscript and use the Compile options to normalize your formatting for the output document.


Okay, got it; thank you very much for answer :slight_smile: