Determining the lines of a page / characters per line

Often it necessary to format a MS so that there is a specific number of lines per page and a specific number of characters per line.
I am wondering if Scrivener could give me an option to do so in future (may be in the “compile page” menu?).
As far as I know, MS Word can’t do this? (I don’t have the newest version, however.)
Ulysses can. :blush:



The trouble is that it depends on the sort of font you use - you can only set a number of characters per line with monospace font. There will be no built-in way to do this with Scrivener. (What sort of manuscripts require this specifically? There are a lot of myths out there about MS formatting, so I’m wondering what you have in mind.) However, 2.0 will have a page view and you will be able to customise its size, so by using a monospace font and playing with the page size you could feasibly get something like this working.

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thank you for your quick reply.
I am sometimes working for radio stations. They ask to hand in the MS with 30 lines/page and 50char/line. Then they are able to figure out quickly, how long it takes to speak this text. This is a standard page that comes from the times of typewriters.
Some academic publishers also ask to hand over the MS with a certain number of lines per page (they don’t give the margins! )
Therefore at least it would be very useful, if Scrivener would let me define the lines per page instead of playing around with the margins and print until I got the right amount.
Char/lines: If you set the char/line to e.g. 50, a line with Courier font would be longer, a line with Times font would be shorter. Anyhow: The amount of chars/line would be the same and would fulfil the request of the publisher.
That was, what I was thinking of.

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