Development Lead

Has anybody noticed this?

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What about it?

Tiho* has always been the lead developer for Scrivener on Windows. So in the context of the Windows beta, the only thing to notice is if he’s not credited as the lead.

[size=85]* His forum handle is tiho_d, so I assume he prefers the shortened version of his name.[/size]

I don’t think so. Lee was the sole signatory of the “horse’s mouth” memo of late June, making a personal commitment to a late August release date (or candi-date). That didn’t seem realistic then, and seems even less so now. We users are set; this great software continues to improve month by month, and we have near-immediate access to the enhancements. But of course there are financial and competitive reasons to get a saleable new release to market.

Some developer burnout is inevitable – I’ve been there – and a little stimulus change is bound to be salutary both for the team and the project.

With appreciation - Jerome

Ah, I got both devs swapped in my head… Thanks for the correction. Now I finally understand why this thread was started in the first place. Congrats for the promotion, Tiho!