DEVONsphere (search tool)

A new search tool, just in case people have missed it. It seems to build on Devon’s expertise in complex search operations, but will look on your hard drive, not just inside a DT database. … rview.html

Haven’t tried it yet, but I intend to. It is very cheap at the moment ($4.99).

Cheers, Martin.

I downloaded it a couple of days ago. Can’t say I’ve used it a lot – yet – but it definitely has potential.

Essentially it has two modes:

See Also, which seems to operate in the same way as the similarly named feature in DevonThink (no surprise there…): drag a file onto the DevonSphere bar and it will show documents on your hard disk – or on the web – that appear to have similar content. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to do well with rtf and text documents you drag directly from DT itself. Not sure why – may be user error – but it’s quick with everything else as far as I can see.

Search: type in a phrase using DT’s standard syntax and it will search your hard disk and/or web for documents meeting those criteria.

So far then, an interesting idea – and at £2.99 cheap enough to try out and forget if you don’t like it.


App Store only, though – you can’t download it from their website. My current machine is still Leopard, so I’ll have to wait until next week when my new MacBook Pro arrives, complete with Lion and the joys of the App Store.

Followup to my own post:

Devonthink support have just acknowledged that the ‘can’t drag files from DTP into DevonSphere’ issue is a bug and it will be fixed in the next release.


How heavy does it hit the system? I noticed they recommend 2GB of RAM to run the thing, which I think is pretty hefty for a search program. My computer is showing its age, and I’m not sure it could handle too much extra burden.

I’ve not noticed anything so far, but my system is fairly powerful (late 2011 27"3.4 Ghz i7 SSD iMac with 12GB of RAM) , so it’s probably not the best comparison.

You can set the index to update at various intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, whenyoufeellikeitly) and I would imagine that’s when it would have the biggest impact.

There hasn’t been a lot of feedback on it on the forum, but nobody has mentioned performance so far.


Apologies – spoke too soon. A couple of people have mentioned high memory usage:

I’ve not noticed it (currently it’s at 172MB of real Memory on my system, but there you go…

Looks like it might be too much for my poor old computer. Bummer.

I installed it, waited for it to run a manual index, and then turned on the auto-indexing.
System performance took an immediate hit, so I had to turn it off.
I did see the results of several searches, but nothing that “made my Mac smarter”
I’m going to have to wait for some open time to experiment further.