Devonthink and/or Tinderbox in the Copyholder


This might be a long shot, but here’s an idea re DEVONthink and/or Tinderbox (if I had to pick one for this it would be DEVONthink). The Copyholder is a wonderful tool, especially in the “Dual navigation” layout (thank you for that view, by the way!). Rather than me having to import my notes from DEVONthink, though, maybe there could be a way to use the Copyholder to display note directly from DEVONthink? DEVONthink has a great AppleScript dictionary and (naïvely :smiley: ) I don’t think it would be impossible to make this work.

As an alternative, I guess some kind of sync between DEVONthink and the Research section of a Scrivener file would be awesome, but (again, naïvely) that seems like a bigger kind of thing to go for.


I don’t think you’ll have much luck with that request – in my experience, things that seem simple to a non-programmer often turn out to be near-impossible, though I’m prepared to be proved wrong.

However, instead of waiting and hoping, it might be worth your while to investigate Layouts in Scrivener and Workspaces in DEVONthink. I’m assuming you have a small screen, so I’ve just experimented with my MacBook 13in, and it seems to be quite feasible to have DT open on one half of the screen, and Scrivener on the other. By using Workspaces and Layouts you could switch to having the two programs open side-by-side in an instant. You can set up the window for each program in any way you like, including Binder, Inspector, etc or not, depending on taste, and you can then switch back to another Layout/Workspace instantly. You could also combine it with a utility like Moom, but that is probably overkill. Alternatively, you could use Keyboard Maestro to trigger the switch of Layout/Workspace, which would be very slick.

Mbbntu’s suggestion is what I do. It’s even workable to have iOS Scrivener and DevonThink To Go split-screened on an iPad Mini. This approach works so well that I don’t even bother to bring the research materials into Scrivener, I just use a tag so that I know which DevonThink item matches which notes file in Scrivener.


Indeed, the suggestion is good. It’s not really possible to display or edit a note directly from DEVONthink or Tinderbox, because to do so, Scrivener would need to know of the underlying structure of the other app’s file format and both apps would need to be in communication in case the note was changed. It would take quite a deep level of integration on both sides.

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