devonthink+bookends+scrivener for academic work

DevonTech recommends that you use Export/Import from within DevonThink instead of just copying the .dtbase file. Export is especially nice if you only want to work on a small chunk of a larger database.


This is not correct. At least not for the version of DTP that I’m using. Applications Support: DevonThink Pro contains all of DTP’s internal scripts, but my databases reside in *.dtbase packages in my Documents folder.

DevonThink and DevonNote, which only support a single database, keep that database in Applications Support. But DevonThink Pro supports multiple databases and keeps them in Documents.

Edit: As previously noted, I am using DTP v1.8. I don’t know what DTP2.0 does.


I’m doing DT2. I’ll try the import/export to a flash drive as my means of mobility between computers. Thanks again.

Katherine, You are correct. The method I describe works for DevonNote only. In DT 2, I guess you compress the .dtbase file? I’m not sure, since it will contain links to other files as well. I’m away from home and don’t have 2.0 installed on this 'puter. Mea culpa.

That’s still useful for me, as I also use DEVONnote. Do you zip the files in the library folder?

Yes, go to Library, then Application Support, and then DevonNote

ZIP the DevonNote folder, and copy the ZIP file where you wish.

Jeffrey-- there is a nifty program that a DT user (Woodenbrain Concepts) has developed designed specifically to sync DT databases between computers. It can be found here:

It’s something like $11 shareware, but has a trial. I’ve heard it works very well and plan on using it once I’m back in the States from Quito. During the academic year I move between two towns and three macs, so it is necessary to say the least! It enables .mac incremental syncing as well.

One of the advantages of DT2.0 is that the program allows you, through templates, to work in your favorite QuickLook compatible programs if you’d like for notetaking, document production, etc. Part of making that work is that all documents are stored, as it were, external to the database in the file structure, and in their original formats-- that file structure, though, is still “hidden” behind the .dtbase package.

All that, and I think Scrivener is simply fantastic. :mrgreen:

I apologize to Scrivener for using their bandwidth for DEVON issues, but I do use both as well. :mrgreen:
The people here are more helpful than those on the DT forum.

I will definitely give that software utility a try. Thanks so much!