DEVONthink Pro half price today

I’ve just noticed that DEVONthink Pro is half price on MacUpdate today (Saturday), and it looks like Sunday as well.


Excellent deal, thanks for the notice.

It’s awful, I saw it last night and I’m so tempted to impulse buy even though I really have no idea what I’d do with it. Augh!

You know you want to :smiling_imp: And if you have it, you might find a use for it that you hadn’t thought of.

Cheers, Martin.

I was in the position of buying DT Pro cheaply as the result of a special offer and then not so much not using it, but wondering whether it was really so much better than rivals like, say, Eaglefiler, or even the plain ole Finder. And so things went on until I upgraded to Pro Office. I had an old Fujitsu scanner lying around and started to use it to put much larger volumes of data into DT via OCR, and also to archive my emails in it. I didn’t go “paperless”, but DT did start to show its value. That committee minute from three years ago on the building plan? Found in two seconds. An address on a scrap of paper from 12 months ago? Snap. What X said in a newspaper clip about Y in 2006? Easy. Large volumes of stuff are what make DT worthwhile.