DEVONthink questions

I just got a copy of DEVONthink personal and really can’t see what to do with it… tutorials don’t show much more than the basics. Can anyone who uses this advise me? Thanks.


Thanks for the tips, I haven’t found a use for it yet but we’ll see.

They include a tutorial database with Devonthink Pro. I never really understood all the things I could do with it until I got DTpro, BUT (and this is a big “but”), moving my database from personal to pro and getting all of the bookmarklets working again was not simple or intuitive. On the other hand, DTpro can do a lot of things that DTpersonal can’t do.

More than anything, especially with all of the new users from the MacHeist deal, the Devonthink team needs to make a tutorial database for DTpersonal and they need to streamline the transition from personal to pro.

Definitely. I am one of those who has been sitting on the fence about DT for years, and if I take to liking it, I’ll probably want to jump straight into DTP – mainly as thanks for essentially giving out the application. I had been hoping that transitioning databases would be a simple matter. Hmm.


I totally agree. They have a nice forum and are fast on replying to any doubts; however, a good tutorial is indeed lacking. The pdf guide that comes with the application is obviously not enough.

And if DT Technologies wants to profit with the big expansion MacHeist and Mac App A Day (eventually) provided they better do it soon.

– MJ

Ditto, though I would add it’s great for ANY kind of information collection. I store everything from academic resources to social/current events to extensive anatomy information or anything pertaining to my yoga practice, as well as research data for fiction. For example, I’m working on a novel that involves the McCarthy period in the US (late 1930s to mid 1950s) and I store that material in DT. I went right to the DT Pro when I purchased it myself, though I demo-ed the personal version.

I’d encourage anyone interested in DT to check out the Devon forum. It’s very widely used and there are some wonderful folks and discussions there. If you post a question ‘why use DT’ and say a bit about what your needs are, you’ll likely get plenty of responses. Better yet, you can search around and find plenty of others who have asked this question. You may find you still aren’t convinced it’s worth it, but at least you’ll have a better sense of why and what the possibilities are.