Devonthink & Scrivener - linking text as scrivenings

Hi folks

I want to copy/drag text clippings from documents stored in DT Pro and have Scrivener create a new doc (scrivenings?) from the clip with a url link back to the DTP file, preferably DTP’s “Copy Item Link” for a permanent link. I especially like the new feature of writing in compose mode with separate floating “quick reference panels” so DTP’s item link doesn’t really help in this regard.

Another option but i don’t how to do this, would be to click open the link as “quick look” type of quick reference panel.

Eager for your suggestions.


If you drag text from DTP (or anywhere else) and drop it into the Scrivener binder, you’ll get a new Scrivener sub-document. The title will be the first few words of the dropped text, and the entire text will be in the body of the document. Note that the text is all you get, though, DTP’s item link is not included.

It’s not quite what you’re looking for, but DTP also has it’s own Quick Look function. Select one or more documents in DTP, and click the Quick Look option in the DTP toolbar. Naturally, documents opened in this way stay fully within DTP.

Personally, I mostly just leave my research material in DTP, and link to the DTP item from Scrivener as needed.