Diacritic Mark Preservation in Digital Publishing?

I have finished the rough draft of my manuscript (YEESSSSS!!! :smiley: ), and am in the editing process. I’m finishing up some final edits and POV issues before handing it to my first group of beta readers. Needless to day, I’m also now beginning to look at sharing my work.

While I know how to MAKE the diacritic marks in the manuscript, what I don’t know is if these are preserved in the .epub and .mobi files, and, even if they are, if they display correctly across all the different devices.

Anyone have any experience in exporting these marks? Specifically, if iBooks, Nook, and Kindle preserve all of them properly when compiled from Scrivener? This is a fantasy novel, so I use more than just your standard accent marks that you might encounter in borrowed words from the romantic languages. If I can’t get the diacritic marks to render properly across all major devices when compiling from Scrivener, I might have to consider leaving them off completely.

(Before someone tells me: Yes, I have seen them all rendered on these devices, but they were in educational texts, and what I don’t know is if they were using images or if they were actually standard text, and, even if standard text, if they had to jump through special hoops that Scrivener cannot do.)

Thanks in advance!

I had occasion to test some of this for my work. The issues have more to do with the ePub and Kindle eReaders than Scrivener.
Modern Kindles usually support about 1000 Glyphs of the Latin-1 font set. This gets you the diacritic marks for most of the Latin languages. It also gets you the Math symbols. However, EPUB readers use a much smaller set of glyphs and even seem to hang on some of the stranger math symbols.

Your best bet is to make a test document with the characters and symbols that you might possibly use and test them in eReaders on a tablet (iBook, Nook, Kindle, Calibre etc.) This will give you an idea of what to expect. Below is the simple test that I use when evaluating fonts to use in paperback books. You will have to do the bolding and italic. If you have more characters that I should consider let me know. If you can’t cut and use the sample below, I’ll email you the original.

I tried getting fancy with Unicode dingus symbols and they didn’t appear in many eReader fonts, so I gave up on them.


Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic

  • – — | -–— (3 different dashes /w&/wo spaces)
    Xx®©™ §¶¿¡«»‹›​‌​‌ • bullet ¶ paragraph
    <‌-‌+‌÷‌/×‌=‌≈>‌°∞±≤≥∂∑∏∫√ΜΩ∆ƒß№☞•·←↑→↓↔ (Math)
    àáâãäå çć‌č​‌ đ èéêëē ìíï ñ òóôõöø š ùúûü ýþÿ ‌ž æ œ

Thank you!

I’ll give it a test. Nice to know that there are indeed issues with e-Readers showing these marks. If I have any issues, I’ll just use plain letters and let my website teach people how they should sound :smiley:

Thanks again!