Diacritics Bug in Latvian


I just got a new laptop and a Lion.
But still the “Diacritics Bug” is there.



"I use MacOS 10.6.8, with Intel MacBookPro 1.1

Some months ago already wrote (see quote), hoping Scrivener update might fix it, now downloaded 2.2 - bug still is here.

To reproduce it, you have to swich language preferences to “LATVIAN”, and try to get out those strange letters like described below.
So now I need to just type everything in another text editor, then just copy, paste.

This is not convienent.

Juris Tolpežņikovs, LATVIA

Special character with quote mark (diacritics).
I use Latvian in Scrivener (MacOSX), for getting our special characters like ā, ē, ī, č etc in key combination like “quote mark” key, then characters key (or quote+character) .
So in Scrivener I often get -‘Ada- instead of -Āda-. Often means about 10%.
This almost never happens in any other applications (may be 0.5%).
Funny thing is - I can not get it out intentionally. By making pause between two keys longer or shorter, or like.


I can’t reproduce this at all, I’m afraid - it works fine for me. You say you type now in another text editor - can you see the bug in TextEdit at all? (That uses the same text system.) Scrivener just uses the standard OS X text system and diacritics are handled by that. A couple of things to check:

  1. Try resetting the toolbar to use only the default items.

  2. Have you got any third-party tools involved such as a spell-checker or text expander?

All the best,