diagnostics report Techtool Pro:invalid folder ID (-62)

Is it just me and my iBook 1.2Gh (Tiger 10.4.11 + all security updates) that TTP continues to report invalid folder ID (-62) ONLY after prolonged use of Scrivener (2 hours+).

Sorry, I have no idea what TTP is or what any of this means. Could you give more details?

Hi Keith,

TTP: Techtool Pro 4.5.3, a drive repair application from Micromat (micromat.com) . It has report/alert features about the drive, volumes and files. It can, if you whish so, send you an email about particular issues.

Thanks. I’m not sure why it would report such an error…

What folder is TTP reporting this for? Apart from the error in TTP are you seeing any other consequences of the invalid folder ID? Unless the folder in question is a folder that Scrivener is writing to / reading from it is extremely unlikely that Scrivener has anything to do with it.

Run DISK Utility to see if you get the same error.