Dialogue and formatting

Hi to all on the board…
Maybe you can help me with some adaptation I have to make.
I used to work in screenwriting, where software really help you format dialogue.
But as I am turning a script into a novel, I just have real trouble having my dialogues nicely formatted. If I put an hyphen at the beginning of a line, Scrivener will often behave as it is a list. And sometimes not.
Any suggestions?

Really? I am the only one struggling with this? :open_mouth:

You may not be the only one, but the reason there’s been no response to your question may be this: the pre-amble to this sub-forum states “Please do not post questions in this forum - post questions in Technical Support so they don’t get missed. Thanks!” An easy error to make, but Scrivener for Windows > Technical Support (Windows) is likely to be your friend.

Understood. Thanks.