Dialogue Focus, fade problem, green text on black background

I set up my Scrivener to be all black, black background, yellow/white text in binder, green text in the main editor window. I realise I see better with the binder text and menus all in bold.

While playing around with various features, I discovered Dialogue Focus in the Edit/Writing Tools menu, awesome tool. Really does makes it easier to work on dialogue.

But I discovered a problem when testing it.

The fade function don’t work when the background is black, which makes the text invisible while the dialogue text is easily seen.

As you can see the pictures, I’ve used a sample short story from someone just to illustrates the problem.

When I set the Editor colour to Default colour, white, the main text is easily seen because the text is black, while the Dialogue Focus text is green.

I can see the black main text Fades out, it sure works, but I wants black background and make the black main text white or yellow, while the dialogue direct speak text set as green, as seen here.

But I’m wondering how to set the main text to Fade white, since I’m using black background, and using green text, so the Fade black text should contrast itself as white, or any colour if I wants…

So where to find this function and correct it so I can see it while the background is black?

I hope you understands what I am trying to say about this problem.

Although it’s not a problem, yet I am sure someone may have not realise this, until this is shown.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the clear report! I’ve filed it to the developers.

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Much obliged, thanks.

Terribly sorry to hijack a serious thread, BUT: — could you please zip up your color scheme and share it here? It’s Awesome!!!
Back to the issue…

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Sure, here you go… :smile:

Mellow Yellow Comic Sans MS font 2021-10-27 THEME.zip (17.2 KB)

Enjoy, cheers! :smile:

And… it’s awesome
Thanks. Worked perfectly!

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