Dialogue with Inline Parentheticals (Script Mode)

Is it possible to make a custom scriptwriting format which allows for dialogue with inline parentheticals? This is a commonplace convention in published scripts (as in working scripts from Samuel French and Dramatist’s Play Service, as well as scripts typeset for general readers).

I can’t figure how it can be done, though. Here is an example of what I mean:

To get this, I imagined one might be typing something like:

<characterName> TAB <dialogue> TAB <parenthetical> TAB <dialogue> TAB <parenthetical> TAB <dialogue> RETURN

But right now it is looking to me like inline parentheticals are impossible to achieve, because in the Tab/Return setting for elements under Tabbing After Typing, I must choose between i) indicating I want to stay in-line by inserting a/some character(s) and ii) switching to a different element which automatically inserts a carriage return. To achieve the above, it seems to me that I need to be able to do both these things (i.e. specify stay in-line but also change elements).

Am I missing something that would enable me to get the script formatting I am aiming for?


I don’t know if there’s anyway of setting that up automatically, but when I want that effect I just go for CMD+I and it seems to work. Not a very sophisticated approach, I admit.

Sorry, I’m probably thick, but I don’t really understand what you want to achieve, that you can’t achieve by just writing your dialogue and whenever appropriate, just insert a parenthesis with text in italics (like this), close the parenthesis, and then go on writing the dialogue?

EDIT: Sorry, I now see that MrGruff already said basically the same as I did.

Thanks, but I am hoping to settle a question about the capacities/limitations of custom scriptwriting formats.