Dictating into Scrivener 3 using Dragon for Windows (No Dictation Box)

I thought I would post an update about using Dragon to dictate directly into Scrivener 3 for Windows’ Edit window, without having to use Dragon’s Dictation Box.

I use Dragon Professional Individual for Windows.

Dragon (a brand new version update) came out a couple of days ago, on June 29, 2021, and, as with version 15.30.XXXXXX works very well with Scrivener (apart from a few commands not working properly).

In order to avoid Dragon’s Dictation Box opening when dictating into Scrivener, go to

Tools - Options - Miscellaneous

and uncheck the ‘Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications’.

And then dictate to your heart’s content.

If ‘Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications’ is checked, one will have to copy-and-paste from that Dictation Box into the Scrivener window when the Dictation Box is full of text - and the Dictation Box does not hold much text.

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