Dictation (DNS) & Scrivener: Plus Signs

Scrivener puts Plus Signs between words when using DNS (like+this+or+this)
How do I stop it?

Windows latest S version, W11, DNS 11.5 (upgrading the latter will not fix it)

What’s the Use Case for using a DNS with Scrivener?

Don’t understand AntoniDol’s question. (It’s a Gang of Four Term. Patterns.)

I want to dictate into Scrivener using Dragon Naturally Speaking. You Tube shows videos of it working, However, I can’t now find the web pages where people say they have the same problem.

Ah. I didn’t understand your question:

I use dragon with scrivener all the time and can dictate directly into scrivener but without all commands available. I use a dragon add on speech productivity pro which enhances dictation box. Never saw plus signs when dictate. I added custom command to paste and match scrivener style.
Does this occur when dictate in word. If does one of dragon commands could have been corrupted. Backing up profile and reinstall might help.


It does this in Word, Scriviener, NotePad++, and here.

Word disables the Dragon extension automatically, and crashes if you switch it back on.

What Dragon commands did you disable? I use very few.

How do you add custom paste to match style? Do I need the Pro or Standard version of SP to do that?

I will ask further questions most likely, based on your response.

Thank you so much for your reply. It was a great help. I am looking into SP, whilst trying to solve my original problem.

I am wondering which version of SP to get. The website is poorly written, and the videos miss out important chunks at the beginning. I am happy to speak with the developer. The product is difficult to understand as a newcomer to it. I would still like to get it when I know which version. SP Pro is a million times dearer than Scrivener, which seems odd.

Thanks again, and please answer my further questions as best you can.

I had the standard version. You can in dragon command module copy and modify a command. I copied the transport command for dictation box and changed Ctrl + V to paste and match style command Ctrl+Shift + V and gave command a new name to paste in dictation as paste and match style of scrivener.

Only a guess but if dragon doing in 3 programs then problem is in dictation from dragon. Never seen that but will search. I assume your search for that error negative so far.

Saw this. Could you have dictated the phrase no space and triggered this. This is from dragon site, consider the command no space off


In general, Dragon will automatically insert or suppress spacing where appropriate. For example, spaces are inserted between words and after punctuation such as periods and commas, but suppressed around hyphens. If you need to make special adjustments, use these commands.

To insert a space

  • Say Space bar.

To adjust spacing as you dictate

  • Say No space to prevent automatic insertion of a space before the next word.
  • Say No space on to prevent automatic insertion of a space between a string of words (such as a Web address).
    *** Say No space off to go back to normal spacing.**

To delete a space before a word you already dictated

  1. Place the cursor before the word. For example, say Insert before .
  2. Say No leading space or Press the key Delete.

This was all I saw.

also look at this with example of tab key from dragon own site

No spaces between dictated words.

Answer ID 2496 | Published 07/09/2002 12:00 AM | Updated 04/16/2010 04:54 PM

No spaces between dictated words.


When dictating into an application such as Microsoft Word or DragonPad, the dictated words suddenly start running together without any spaces.


The following steps may resolve this issue:

  1. Open Dragon NaturallySpeaking and go to the Vocabulary Editor by clicking on the DragonBar Words menu, then View/Edit…
  2. At the bottom of the Vocabulary Editor dialog box, click the arrow next to “Display”.
  3. Select “Words with formatting properties only”.
  4. From the list that appears, select “Tab-key”, then click the Properties button on the right hand side.
  5. Change the default selection from “Is replaced by a tab” to “Is replaced by a space”.
  6. Click “OK.”
  7. Close Dragon and reboot the computer.
  8. Now repeat this procedure in reverse, changing the Tab-key properties back to “Is replaced by a tab”.
  9. Reboot again.

I understand the first paragraph.

Re 2nd para : try typing search words in Google. Then look at the address bar. You will see that your words are linked by a plus sign. This is what is happening when I use Dragon to write into Scrivener for me.
When Google search gets to their server, it replaces the spaces. (It also puts %20 instead of a space, This is because the programming language wants to see it all as one word!)

It looks as if Dragon is giving each application the word string without replacing the plus sign (their space symbol).

The Problem+isnlt+words+running+together,itls+that+the+spaces+are+being+replaced+by

plus signs. I dictated the first line in this with Dragon and typed the second. It’s also replaced the apostrophe of isn’t with a letter l, and also in it’s. Curious and curiouser.

Thanks for doing the research into the documentation.

Thanks for what you’ve done. I’ll slug away bit more. Thanks for making me aware of Speech Pro.

Could try reaching out to dragon customer support.