Dictation, Loopback, Find pops up

I have a series of good-quality field recordings that I’d like to transcribe using Apple’s dictation feature. I’m using Loopback to play the recordings from Audacity to Dictation. These have “period”, “comma” and other dictation keywords in them.

The problem is that while the process starts well, quite early in, Scrivener’s Find and Replace dialog pops up, with some of the dictated text. It appears that Scrivener accepts the first sentence, but then treats the second sentence as a phrase I’m looking for. This stops the dictation process, and subsequent dictation is lost.

It should be said that the text treated as search text will be transcribed if I start from the beginning of that phrase, i.e. put the play head after the first transcribed sentence.

Can the mechanism that pops up the find dialog be disabled? Anyone tried this?

My own answer to the question: It seems that the problem arises from Dictation, not anything to do with Scrivener. The Find dialog popup problem is solved by turning off “Enable Advanced Commands” in System Preferences > Accessibilty > Dictation > Dictation Commands…"

What can arise once that problem is solved, is that audio files may seemingly overwhelm Dictation, causing them to ignore sections of dictated audio files, or only partially transcribe them, or in some cases overwrite them, along with other peculiarities.

I used Audacity’s split function to break audio into sections, and then normalized all the audio. The latter seemed to help a great deal… I know have pretty reliable transcriptions happening.

A simpler solution would be to transcribe the Audacity recordings to TextEdit which - as an Apple app - is better geared for Dictation. Then just copy and paste the transcripts into Scrivener at regular intervals.