Where can I go to find out how to use Dictation as listed under the Edit menu? When I clicked it, it asked if I wanted to download something biggish. Then I hit Fn Fn to activate, and got a small microphone window that seemed live. When I spoke, nothing seemed to happen. The cursor in the Scrivener editor didn’t move, but maybe that’s not what’s supposed to happen.

I don’t know, though. There isn’t anything about Dictation in the manual except for recording an audio note.

Thanks for any help.

Dictation is a Mac feature, it just ends up in Scrivener the same way spell check and a few other things do. Mac help should have info on how to use it, I’m not really sure about it myself as I’ve never had the patience to download that massive file for something I’ll hardly ever use. :slight_smile:

This might help…