dictionary and color palette

I love Scrivener. Is there a way to have both the color palette and the dictionary open at the same time and floating in the front. Also, I would like to keep two copies of the dictionary open and floating in the front at all times. Is there a way to do this? Thank you so much.

Dictionary is a whole different program on your Mac, so it is going to act like other Mac programs, only letting you run one copy at once, when you switch to it, utility palettes from other software like Scrivener are going to hide themselves so as to not clutter the screen and generate confusion—especially with these standard system palettes like colour. If they didn’t disappear, you could end up with more than one on your screen at once, and then who’d know which linked to what program. :slight_smile:

But on the bit with Dictionary windows, there wouldn’t be much purpose in running two separate copies of the program when you can just hit Cmd-N to open up a new dictionary window.

I can’t help you with the floating bit though, that sounds like a feature request for Apple, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on them adding it!