Dictionary app crashing when Scrivener opens it.


I’m finding the OSX dictionary app is crashing on me, one time in four or five (Probably more often). I’m opening it via a cmd+d shortcut when I’ve got a word selected.

It seems to open, but then crashes when it looks up the word Scrivener is pushing to it. I think it crashes mostly when the app is already open from a previous look up, but it could be crashing on first open too.

It never crashes when I open it directly, or use it when it’s open. It only ever crashes when opening / gaining focus from Scrivener and doing that a pushed lookup.

I tried deleting the dictionary preferences as discussed here, but if anything it’s made it worse (I’ve never really kept count of the crashes)
discussions.apple.com/message.js … D=10247109

Other advice I’ve read is to create an entirely new user account, which I’ve yet to try as I wish to avoid if possible.


Have you applied the 10.6.7 update? I checked in my Dictionary.app to see where the service was, and noticed it had been updated recently. Maybe a change they made is conflicting with something else you are running.

No, I’m still on 10.6.6 and the dictionary crashing problem has been with me for months. I was planning on running the upgrade the next time I shutdown (which could be days away as I rarely do)

I’ll run the update and see if giving the dictionary app a kick like this will stabilise it for me.

Strangely enough, now it knows I’m on to it, the dictionary app has behaved impeccably all afternoon. I haven’t really needed it, I’ve just been trying to catch the damn thing out!

I’d hold off on the update for a bit if you can. Maybe stick with Dictionary.com until you can give a shot. There are some pretty nasty font bugs in 10.6.7, particularly in the display of PDFs (which is just about everywhere on a Mac) and OpenType PS fonts.

Ew, thanks for the tip. I’m still sticking with 10.6.5…

I’d already updated by the time I saw the warning (but thanks anyway).

So far, I’m not having any font issues, even with the supposedly troublesome fonts