Dictionary App Dead

Having upgraded my iMac to Lion a couple of weeks ago, Scrivener began to be wonky, so I returned to Snow Leopard. Now the Scrivener dictionary app is dead. Left-clicking does nothing. The icon just sits there like it never heard me.posting.php?mode=post&f=2#

This is in fact just a link to the application itself, which is provided by OS X. You can find the Dictionary program in your main Applications folder. What happens if you double-click on its icon from there? Does it load up or does nothing happen? If the latter, then something must have gone wrong with the switch back to 10.6. What method did you use to return?

If it does open normally, I would try reinstalling Scrivener from a fresh download.

Amber - That’s just it- The Dictionary isn’t in the main applications folder! I found Scrivener’s icon in the “Customize Toolbar” window, dragged it to the toolbar, and then found it was “dead on arrival”. Unfortunately, the Dictionary application isn’t included on the iMac Applications Install DVD and I can’t locate a Dictionary download on-line. So I suppose I’ll contact the Apple gurus for instructions. Thanks for your clarification!

BTW, I was “walked through” the switch back to 10.6 by an Apple Tech Support person. Everything else seems to be working just fine. Go figure…

I discovered a while back that the Dictionary must be in the Applications folder,
and must NOT be inside an enclosing folder within Applications.
Sounds like you are good to go.

But you might consider upgrading to Mountain Lion next.
Unless your hardware is not compatible. :frowning:

I’ve reloaded Snow Leopard (to get Dictionary back into the Applications folder - from whence it integrates into Scrivener) with help from Apple Tech Supp, and then had to reload Scrivener due to some glitch in reloading SL. Now all is well – Thanks for your suggestions!