dictionary/AutoCorrect issues!!

I have now built myself a huge problem.

From the AutoCorrect (via SysPrefs->Text) suddenly not working this morning [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/autocorrect-from-sys-prefs-not-working/29420/1] to bulk unlearning words, when I admit I didn’t make a copy,[url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/bulk-unlearning-spelling/29421/1] I now have no dictionary entries and no way of telling Scrivener to learn/unlearn words.

What do I do? what can I do? I absolutely hate the thought of going back to writing in Word but until I can re-establish the link between AutoCorrect & Scrivener, I dont see that I have much choice. :frowning:

Please help.

Helen - off to write 100 lines of “I must copy files before deleting/editing the original” :cry:

If you are using Page View mode, try disabling that (View/Page View/Hide Page View). This sounds like a known bug in the text engine. We may have a fix for this in the future.

i am not using Page View Amber.