Dictionary change crashes Scrivener

Since I want to write a piece in German for a change I need to change the auto correct/spell checker to German. When I do so I’m being told that the application causes the Runtime to terminate and Scrivener crashes.

Current version of Scrivener on Windows 7.

The same thing happens to me changing to spanish!!
Did you find a solution? what did you do?

Directions posted over here to get Scrivener up and running again.

Which version of Scrivener are you using? There are several running around right now, so knowing which you’ve got would be great. (Your options are 035, 045/NaNoWriMo Trial, 046, and 049. :slight_smile:) Also, if you had previous versions installed, did you run the uninstaller or otherwise remove any of the files before installing? I know Lee did do some work on this and at the moment, working with a clean install, I haven’t reproduced this bug, so this info would help to track down the lingering issue and fix it. Thank you!