Dictionary (digression into keelhauling etc)

Dont! Dont! Please dont start em off. Once they get going on anything ‘Portland’, y cant shut em up, and whats more, some of the bilge rats, are quite gobby[size=50]<----loud mouthed [/size] :open_mouth:

That’s okay. Portland is such a cool town, they have a right to crow. I live in a place with no bike trails at all.

Capn Keef! :open_mouth: I fink its the plank for this un. We cant ave the bilge rats all agitated like, Skipper. This jscrubber joker is a trouble maker. :imp:

Or should we even bother wi t plank? Just sling over the side…yeah thats best fing t do.


Have a heart, rat, have a heart.

'course, you can’t let a knave off scot-free. Keelhauling might be enough.


fing is peejus, sum of em like that keely thingy. They bes kinky y`no :open_mouth: