Dictionary Download feature not working.

Working on 0.0.29 on win7sp1 right now and was wanting to install the french dictionary to assist my writing.

I went to the options under auto-correction and download, select french and hit the download button.

I get the “you’ll have to restart the app” pop up, and a progress bar appears but it stays at 0%… I tried running the app as admin, verified permissions under the dict folder (local set to full control)

I couldn’t find other threads in the forum other than the resolved crash issue and permission issues.

Anyone has another idea? :wink:

(oh yeah the windows firewall is off, too)

Obviously, after I post this I go and check if French is available using the “select” button…

it’s there! and after a restart it works fine… but maybe that progress bar should’ve shown 100% :wink:

Ha, yes, it’s noted as a bug. Sorry I never replied here!

Dear MM,

so, the dictionary function is working? I can download the German one and Scrivener won´t crash?


It should basically be working, but it’s confusing because the progress bar doesn’t ever move past 0% so it looks like it’s not doing anything. If you click to download and then give it a minute or so to do that (I’m not exactly sure how long it takes, and it will vary depending on your connection speed), then click OK and restart Scrivener, the downloaded dictionary should be available then in your dictionary list (so click “Select” to change your current dictionary). I believe Lee’s corrected this for the next beta so the progress bar will actually show the download progress again. :wink:

Dear MM,

thanks. It works now :smiley: .