Dictionary fail to download (French dictionary)

Hello everyone!

I’m getting a bit desperate here to be honest. So I downloaded the trial version to see what all the fuzz was about and I just fell in love with the program just by reading the tutorial! I was thinking that I’d definitely buy it after the trial but now…

I write both in French and English and would like to be able to switch. My current project though is in French and as of now, my whole project is underlined in red as in everything is a mistake because the English dictionary is on.

When I try to download the French dictionary (tools > options) it turns to 100% and then it says “dictionary failed to install”. I googled the problem, searched here on the forum and couldn’t find an answer.

The program is great, seems more than useful, but if I can’t use the corrections, I might as well use paper and a real crockboard (which is, as we know, not useful for a bit).

Thank you for your help !

Sometimes a security program will block Scrivener from properly downloading and installing the dictionaries. You can manually download the files needed and put them in the proper installation folder by following the directions in this knowledge base article.

You won’t be able to have both dictionaries at the same time for spell checking–you’ll have to set English or French, do your spell check, then switch it it Options and run the spell check again–so you may want to disable the option to check spelling while you’re typing. Then you can run the spell check manually (Tools > Spelling) when you’re ready to deal with it, and not be bothered by lots of squiggly underlines.

(We would like the ability to have project-specific dictionaries or multiple dictionaries simultaneously, but it’s not currently feasible with the tools we have.)