Dictionary in full screen mode


I am not sure if this is possible but…

I generally use Scrivener in full screen mode and switch regularly to the Dictionary app. Is there anyway to run Scrivener in full screen and have the dictionary app visible at the same time?

Are you using the new 2.0.3 update? The behaviour where Scrivener would disappear when using the Dictionary has been altered and it now stays visible with other applications in front of it.

Hi silvine,

First, be sure you’re running the latest version (2.0.3), which changes some of the full screen behavior. With that, you can switch applications without hiding Scrivener, so if you call up the dictionary app while in FS it will appear overtop your FS space. It will vanish again when you click back into Scrivener to write, however, so you’d need to use cmd-tab (or any other method) to bring the dictionary back when you wanted to use it again. There’s also the nice little ctrl-cmd-D trick which brings up a little dictionary window to define the selected word (you can switch to thesaurus as well or use the “More…” link to open the full app).

If you really want the dictionary to remain visible while writing in FS, you could use something like Afloat to keep it floating atop your full screen. Alternatively, you could use Ioa’s developer dashboard widget trick to keep the Dictionary widget floating:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the responses. Just downloaded the new update. Does the trick.

Awesome you addressed this with the last update. So much better to use now (my workflow basically consists of hitting cmd-tab a million times every day)!