Dictionary in Scrivener

Hi there,

One thing that I noticed when I used the Mac version of Scrivener was that it would default to the built-in OSX dictionary for spell check. This is great if you’re in the US, but if you’re in Australia and prefer your ‘organisation’ with an ‘s’ it leaves you in the lurch.

For the windows version, could you build in support for multiple languages? Or even better, allow us to select the MS Word dictionary as the default, thus including all our added words? (I write articles for trade publications, so have painstakingly transferred my Office dictionary between computers to keep all the industry-specific words).



The problems with the spellcheck and lack of support for alternate languages is a known issue in the Beta, and is one of the things that’s being worked on, as I understand it.

As for sharing with Office dictionaries, that’s a really good question. :open_mouth: Lee’s probably going to have to answer that one, and he’s pretty busy with fixing bugs at this point.

Good question Zac.

Alternate languages is not a problem and will be implemented in beta 2 - 2 weeks away.

As for MS Word dictionaries - I’ll need to investigate a little.


On the topic of dictionaries, would it be possible to support OO.org dictionary files as well?