Dictionary not making suggestions?


I seem to recall that when I used to misspell a word, Scrivener would offer suggestions within the writing pane? If that was so, it’s not working anymore and doesn’t seem to offer solutions for really simple misspellings. Also, if I add a gibberish word to my writing project, Scrivener doesn’t pick that up either.
Did it used to do offer suggestions for misspellings - or did I dream it :slight_smile:
And if it did, how can I get it to work again?

Many thanks,

Have you verified that there is a checkmark beside Edit/Spelling and Grammar/Check Spelling While Typing? If not, just click on that menu command and see if the spelling engine kicks on. This can be toggled per-project, and you may notice that beside the command there is a keyboard shortcut (Cmd-). It could be that was hit accidentally at some point.