Dictionary not saving entries in 1.55 & Workaround[NOTED]

I downloaded the new dictionary and found that the dictionary still wasn’t remembering entries after I exited and restarted scrivener. I decided to test a hunch, and ran scrivener as administrator and then learned a couple of entries. I then exited and restarted and it saved them correctly. It appears the problem is related to what directory the dictionary is being saved to in regards to Windows 7 (and Vista I’m sure) writer permissions. Hopefully this will help bring about a fix soon and I now have a workaround until it’s released. :smiley:

For anyone who wants to know how to use the workaround for this, in the properties for the Scrivener program icon, right click it and choose properties. Under compatability, choose run this program as administrator. You will get a UAC prompt when you start the program, but for me that’s a small price to pay for i saving my dictionary entries!

Thank you. I will investigate this further.

This post really helped. The next beta will contain a fix for this issue to prevent running in Admin. It will also include an unlearn feature as has previously been requested in another post.