Dictionary Options

While I echo the cry for selectable, project-related supplemental dictionaries, I know they’re still on the wishlist. That said, I’m trying to wrestle with the the additional words file (wordlist.ini) so that I can keep it in some sort of order, perhaps retaining a scrap of sanity for my declining years.

Since maintaining a taxonomy of people, places, things, etc, for a non-contemporary work is a natural outlay consequence of organization, building and maintaining a list of words-that-should-be-added is doable but a right pain in the ass – a little coding helps but it’s still an annoying task.

What makes it a special kind of bloody evil is that even after I’ve built this list and manually maintain it along with the natural word list (a necessity since the other words that are not related to a particular work but to all works in general (e.g., balatronic, susurrations, apoapsides velitation aposiopesis, baldachin) have to ALSO be manually maintained or they become hopelessly entwined), I find that possessives don’t count. While I can understand that (to a point), is there – please God – an option someplace to say “assume that 's is not an entirely new word” ??