Dictionary Question (Windows version)

The built in speller checker and dictionary in Windows Scrivener is driving me crazy! :angry:

Is there any way to edit the dictionary file? I just typed “GPS” into my document and it was corrected to “GPSS.” What the… And then there are the proper names that I’m NEVER going to use, but the spell checker insists on using for common misspelled words. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good spell checker and since I tend to type words with all the letters, but not in the right order, it’s really useful - when it works well. I also like that I can get close to the correct spelling and have the spell checker figure out the word I mean.

That’s not the case with the Scrivener spell checker.

Is there ever going to be an update or some way to edit the dictionary file? There are some words in there that AREN’T spelled correctly and you can’t get rid of them.

Right now, I’d take any of the following options:
–way to edit the dictionary file
–way to integrate a really good spell checker with Scrivener (think MS Word or Google or even Amazon)

And are there going to be more updates on the Windows version? Ever? Wow, the target words along with an ending date is so cool. Oh, wait. It’s only available for Mac.

If you’re not going to continue to support the Windows version, you should let everyone know. And if an updated Windows version is in the works, I’d like to know that. Not everyone in the world has a Mac or wants one. Or wants a version that’ll work on a tablet.


You may want to look into WordWeb Pro. I’d add a url but they sometimes get flagged. Just Google it.

There is a free version, and a paying version that adds some additional features. You can set a hotkey that works in pretty much any program, and set tabs for some of the better online name generators and other dictionaries if theirs is not enough.

I’m not affilated with them, but after testing it I bought the pro version with the Chamber’s thesarus and dictionary, and plan to buy the American dictionary soon. I use it in all my programs now.

I pretty much came to same conclusion about Scrivener’s dictionary and name generator. Though they gave me some good laughs.


You will be happy to know that both of these topics have been talked about extensively on the forums and there are answers for both of them with a few simple searches. Short version is that yes, it’s possible but somewhat of a pain to work with the dictionary as-is because it’s a third-party chunk of software instead of a system-wide OS facility as in the Mac version, and that the Windows team is very busy trying to close 5 years of development gap by working on the 3.x update (skipping 2.x for Windows, as our 1.x already includes many Mac 2.x features that those users had to pay to upgrade to and we got them as free updates) to implement some pretty sweeping new changes on all platforms and help get the feature sets of Mac and Windows closer than ever.