Dictionary/Spelling and similar

I’ve noticed several issues with the spelling check. They’re not bugs, but they certainly are annoying when I’m trying to write.

With many words, when they auto-correct the spelling, the program capitalizes them as though they were at the beginning of a sentence, and I have to go back and fix it. Really annoying.

Also, unlike with most word processors, when I intentionally ‘misspell’ something such as “Aaaaaaaaaaaah” the program will automatically change it to “Ah” and then when I go back to make it the way I want it, the program refuses to just LEAVE IT ALONE until I type something else, then go back and fix it. A setting, similar to Word’s ability to just stop correcting that instance of the word after I change it back, would be very nice.

The auto-correct thing is also very random- “Chapterr” becomes “Chap terr” instead of “Chapter,” but “Chapterrr” becomes “Chapter.” Basically, lots of words get corrected to words that they were most likely not intended to be. It’s kind of a hard thing to fix, I know, but maybe if the words could be analyzed more carefully to look for the closest match?

Commonly used and correctly spelled words are also marked as wrong: “Okay” and essentially every variation there of, “towards,” “afterwards,” and “blonde.”

As a side note, if we’re going to have a list of delightful, obscure names for people to use in their writing, could they added to the dictionary so that they aren’t changed into random words?

If there are settings that can solve some of these problems and anyone can tell me where they are, I would be much obliged.