I’m not very technical. Is there a dictionary/thesaurus on Scrivener? Where? Can I import one? How? Simple language for a Dummy please :confused: :confused: :confused: :smiley: :smiley:

From one Dummy to another, welcome aboard Scriv. Don`t tell any of your friends or loved ones that you are a member of Scrivener crew. Your standing in the eyes of society, just plummeted.

Place curser over word and right click. Or click on Edit in menu bar, go to bottom of menu, see spelling.
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LOL That was easy. I right clicked and there was my dic. Wow! Cheers not so dummy

The so-called Dictionary in OS X has three other reference panes: Thesaurus, Apple (tech terms) and Wikipedia, which gives the headers of Wikipedia articles. And right-click also = Control-Select.

To avoid right-click all-together, you can hover the cursor over the word you want to look up and press Ctrl-Cmd-D for pop-up dictionary definition. If you hold the Ctrl-Cmd keys, the pop-up will disappear when you release them and if you release them immediately the pop-up will remain until you click or start typing.

Hey all,

Right-clickin’ for my dic is a feature I really liked in Scriv 1.54. I’ve just adopted Scriv 2.0 for NaNoWriMo and have discovered the dictionary has been buried a further level down beneath Writing Tools. Now I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I’m still learning some of the 500,000-plus words in the English language, and really enjoyed having the dictionary/thesaurus close at hand. Burying it on a second-level menu doesn’t seem like much, but it’s outta sight now, and you know what that leads to…

Is there a way for me to bring it back to prominence on the right-click / ctrl-click menu? My Scriv 2.0 experience is extensive – all of an hour – so there’s probably an obvious fix that I’m yet to discover. Pointers welcome.

Oh yeah, I know I can ctrl-cmd-d to get the definition, but it seems cack-handed to first be using the mouse to select a word, then retreat to the keyboard to define it.

Thanks in advance
An otherwise happy and paid-up Scriv user.

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What does it say about you that you happened to have that photo close at hand? And do you have the number of his hairdresser?

As I did in 1.54 I’ve using the keyboard shortcuts option in system preferences to configure cmd-d as a “Look Up in Dictionary and Thesaurus” option. For me it’s a little easier than playing finger-twister to get the ctrl key in the mix too.

I just need the cursor within the word and cmd-d. I can then use the keyboard shortcuts in dictionary to switch tabs, eg cmd-2 is the thesaurus tab etc.

Any help?

Maybe I use the keyboard more than the average user, but when using the dictionary for a word just typed, I don’t use the mouse (or trackpad) at all. If I’m not at the word I want to look up, Alt-Arrow is a quick way to navigate (left & right by word, up & down by paragraph), then use the dictionary shortcut, then keep going. No need to move fingers from the home keys or break the flow (unless I need to switch between dictionary & thesaurus - I don’t know a shortcut for that in the pop-up definition).