Dictionary tied to application rather than document

Unless I can’t find how to do it, it seems that the dictionary is tied to the application and NOT the documents.
So if I work in a different language, I need to go to “options” and change it manually every time…
That is quite unfortunate and makes it hard to work on translation, for instance, with two document’s windows side by side.
Maybe there is a way to create a shortcut to the different dictionaries but I can’t find it.

This is a complaint that has come up more than once (e.g., [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/wordlists-ini/46787/1]). I don’t know if there are plans to change this in v. 3 or not. I have to admit that, thinking about my word processors anyway, a per-project or per-document spelling dictionary does not seem to be available in other software either.

MS Word can automatically recognize multiple languages in a single document. But IIRC it’s not possible to do it on the Mac (at least not feasibly?), so it won’t be added to Scrivener 3 for Windows, either, since they’re going for feature parity.

Thanks, my bad, I read the OP carelessly. WRT languages, yes, Word and other (better for some purposes) word processors can have a document linked to a specific language spell checker, and can do so for multiple languages in one document.

As for feature parity … spell checking in the Mac world, as I understand it, is entirely different from Windows, since Apple supplies system-wide spelling tools. Windows programs have to come up with their own, which might or might not be an incentive to make it possible to link the language of spelling, at least, to specific documents. Of course, considering the vast number of documents that a Scriv project can contain, that might not be trivial.

Oh, sorry, I meant to say that even if it were an easy thing to add, they wouldn’t do it, in order to maintain a consistent experience for cross-platform users? Which, honestly, I heartily welcome, even if I don’t have plans to get a new Mac anytime soon.

I do wonder, though, if it’s possible to make it easier to switch dictionaries, either from the toolbar or via a shortcut…?