yes i can ctrl-click on a word and launch the dictionary/theasaurus but what i really want is a button that brings it up so i can figure out just what the word i want might be before i type it… a button up in the button bar would be lovely.

That dictionary facility is just a part of the operating system. There is an application called “Dictionary” in the Applications folder. Maybe drag it out to the Dock and leave it running? It’s pretty light-weight. I usually have it running all of the time.

Yes, as Amber says, just pop the Dictionary from your Applications/Utilities folder into your Dock - that’s what I do. I think having a toolbar item for it would contravene Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, as it would be sort of pretending that one of their applications was a part of Scrivener.
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Don’t forget you can also press control-command-D to get a quick definition/synonym of the word. This works in any cocoa app.

I use the excellent dictionary/thesaurus widget that you can activate in the Mac Dashboard. There’s even a way to bring the widget onto the desktop so it floats over Scrivener, but it involves a terminal command.


I have Dictionary.app set to open using a hotkey using Quicksilver (same goes for Scrivener).