A dictionary would be nice. Ulysses and Story Mill use OmniDictionary, which you access by highlighting a word and then keying command-equal sign, and the dictionary appears with the selected word defined. This would be a great help. Any chance of seeing it in Scrivener?

jscribe, Hiya :slight_smile:

Just point to any word and right click, or whatever you do to emulate R/Clicking. Also if you do a Search for ‘Dictionary in Scrivener’ there are 200 posts discussing Scriv`s Dictionary.
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Thanks. Why didn’t I think of that?

OmniDictionary is Webster’s Unabridged, 1913
Dictionary in Mac OS X is New Oxford American, 2006.

What druid said, and even content aside, I think Apple’s dictionary viewer is much more elegant than Omni’s. Besides, you can hit Cmd-Ctrl-D to get instant access to any word in a non-intrusive tooltip, and it has a link to view the full entry if you need that. Mind, it acts on the mouse pointer and not the input caret.

Thanks to all for your help. Amber, I agree about Apple’s viewer looking better. By the way, I hear the bikers in your town are fighting with the motorists for space. Good luck on that.

-Jerry C.