Did I lose everything?

I wrote several thousand words of a story on Scrivener for iPad. I’ve been syncing it on Dropbox. Today I bought Scrivener for Windows and tried to open the project from Dropbox. Now I have my corkboard cards, all correctly titled but otherwise empty, that is to say, NO synopsis and NO NOTES. Well, I went back to my iPad and I see the same thing there. So all of my writing is gone? Do I have any options?

Have you checked out your backups that are made by the program?

Using the Windows file browser, go to the dropbox folder on your hard drive and browse into the .scriv folder, then to Files, and then Docs; you should see a bunch of file that end in RTF that contain text. That’s where your writing is stored, but for some reason it’s not displaying. Make a copy of the entire scrivener folder that’s in Dropbox, placing that copy elsewhere. DON’T MOVE IT–be sure you’re just copying (press the CTRL key while dragging the main Apps/Scrivener folder.

Do please contact support via their email address on the main website; that’s the best help you can get for your situation. Be sure to monitor your spam filters to make sure their responses don’t get miss-categorized.

That’s exactly where the writing was hiding. Thank you very much. I still don’t understand why this happened. But I guess all I can do is make frequent backups to various different and unrelated places so I don’t lose any more of my work.

It’s most likely due to some sync conflict that’s messed up the file that keeps track of the link between the binder titles and the actual files on the disk. Support should be able to help you resolve that conflict and get them linked back up. If not, then the most recently modified of the .rtf and .txt files in Docs/Files should be the ones with your latest work.