Did Scapple blow away my PATH environment variable?

I have recently started to have problems with my development machine and have discovered to my horror that the PATH environment variable has been mostly blown away.

There are now only a few paths, with Scapple being one of them. It’s located at the end of the PATH variable.

Usually, apps prepend their path to the environment variable - so there’s a good chance that Scapple may be the culprit by not correctly carrying over the existing PATH.

Could others please do a quick check to see if they have been similarly affected? The easiest way is to run cmd.exe from the command line and type “PATH” – you should at least see C:\windows\system32 and C:\windows in the list of returned paths.


Don’t really know what I am doing but I have about 15 entries the last being scrapple - the first being a very recent new install.

Have had scrapple on for about two months but still on trial as I have not used it much.


This is years later, but I have since found that the culprit may have been WinAVR which is used for engineering purposes. I just more recently stumbled upon this, and wanted to at least post an update acknowledging that Scapple was not likely the culprit!