Did something stupid...

I inadvertently used the ‘novel-with-parts’ template when I should have used the plain novel template. now all the scenes within each folder are being labelled as individual chapters.

My 90,000 word book now has a hundred and forty chapters.

Is there a way of changing the template once I’ve reached this stage? I can do it manually once compiled, of course, but a shortcut would save a lot of time.

Templates aren’t much different from any other project, so there’s no way to make it convert from one setup to another, but you can create a new project from a template, and then just drag the contents of your binder from the old project to the new one.

Also, you can just start learning how to modify the compile settings, which really isn’t that much work once you understand the parts of the interface. If you’re not in a hurry to get this thing out of scrivener, you might try opening the tutorial (under help) and learning about the compile process from there. It’s well worth the time if you have it, since there’s always some tweak that you or a publisher/agent will want to make to the formatting.

The “Standard Manuscript Format” compile preset (available from the “Format As” menu in Compile) will compile using the same format as the standard Novel template. So just organise with scenes inside folders and use “Standard Manuscript Format” when compiling and you should be good.

As Robert says, templates are all just regular projects, really - all of them have been built from the Blank template - so you can always reorganise them and change them to do what you want.

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Thanks very much - Had to do a bit of playing around with the compile settings, but it seems to work.

Or … yeah. You can just choose the right compile settings without jumping through hoops and modifying the compile rules from scratch.

I’m going to blame my silly advice on being in the middle of a writing project; can’t put tech advice together well while I’m using that part of my brain for creative writing.