Didn't uninstall beta version

This is a follow up to my previvous post “Doesn’t recognize updated version”
I didn’t uninstall my beta version before purchasing and downloading 1.0 – I thought I read somewhere in your instructions that there was no need to uninstall the beta, but now I read your advice in this forum to someone that you should remove the beta version first. Maybe that is part of my problem. If so, what do I do now that my whole ms is in the beta version (I assume). Peter Gibb

Hi Peter,

At first, I didn’t uninstall the beta either, and installed version 1.0 over it.
Then I read that we’d better uninstall first.
So I uninstalled, then renamed the folder with remaining stuff, and installed again.
It works fine.

Projects aren’t “in” any versions; they’re separate files on your drive, just like Word documents. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t affect them. It’s always a good idea to back up your work, of course, but even if you don’t have Scrivener installed at all, the projects are still sitting around on your computer. So you can safely uninstall 1.0 and any other versions you have lingering and then reinstall 1.0 cleanly. The “Recent Project” menu gets cleared in this process, so you’ll need to use “Open Existing Projects” to open each of your projects the first time. They’re probably stored in your Documents folder, but if you don’t see them there and don’t remember where you saved them, run a Windows search for “.scriv” and check the file path on the results.

Hmmm . . . . it appears that I have committed the unpardonable software installation sin: I have installed a version of software (Scrivener for Windows Version 1.0) for which I have been waiting with unparalleled anticipation, without making myself fully aware of the recommended installation instructions. To wit, I installed version 1.0 ‘over’ the existing beta without first uninstalling the beta.
In my defense, I should point out that I didn’t see this cautionary recommendation until after the deed was done, in the ‘readme’ file available only after the installation. How would I have known in advance?

Anyway, the issue of blame and my reckless, excitement induced behavior set aside for the moment, I have done this on two computers, and, amazingly, both seem to be functioning perfectly with version 1.0 installed. So, here is my inane question and the ultimate purpose of this meandering message: do I really need to uninstall everything and start over?

I’ll defer to your superior wisdom on this matter.


Dick Keaton

If it’s working, I’d be inclined to say carry on. If compile was crashing, or other mysterious things that do not look like widespread bugs, then the first thing to try will be nuking all the old beta stuff and reinstalling.

Thanks much for the quick response. I was hoping you would say that.