Difference Appstore vs Littelature&Latte

What are the differences between the Appstore version of Scapple and the version at Litterature and Latte besides handling of licences?

There are only two major differences: the MAS version is sandboxed and it has iCloud integration. The former is of very little consequence in this type of program. The only major difference is that its settings files will be located within the sandboxing folder, rather than the standard library locations (Preferences folder and Application Support). That is of no consequence except in the precise procedure used when troubleshooting problems. The latter is of larger impact if you do prefer Apple’s iCloud synchronisation service to other offerings like Dropbox.

Will both versions be updated regularly, or will one be intentionally updated faster than the other? Also, obviously an advantage of the downloading via the App Store is being able to install it on multiple machines. Is a $15 license purchase from Lit and Latte’s site good for multiple machine installation?

Thanks, and loving the product so far!

The history of Scrivener on the App store has gone like this (so expect similar with Scapple):
Keith makes changes, test them out, and when it’s ready, sends it to Apple and releases it on the Lit & Lat website for downloads or automatic updates simultaneously. Apple takes it’s own time looking at the changes, and puts it up or rejects it for some reason. If rejected, Keith makes the necessary changes and re-submits to Apple (usually restricting what the program could do before in some way); the waiting game starts over.

So while both will be updated simultaneously, the App Store puts up more obstacles between Keith and customer.

See the bottom of this page: literatureandlatte.com/scapple.php


Both use exactly the same code, just with a few “if AppStore version, do this, else…” conditionals in there where necessary, so they will both be updated at the same rate. The only caveat is that we have no control over how long it takes an update to reach the Mac App Store. So, we generally submit updates to the App Store on the same day we release them on our site, but it can then take Apple up to two weeks to approve the update whereas the version on our site is updated immediately. In other words, both versions will be updated at the same speed, but Mac App Store users may find it takes a week or two longer for the updates to filter through to them because of the MAS review process.

As for the licence, you can use the one from our site on multiple machines, too, provided it’s for personal use or use by family living with you. You just enter the same serial number into each copy.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you both for the responses, and thanks for an amazing product! I find myself using this over pen and paper (finally!), which to me is the ultimate standard in free-form note taking. You nearly replicate the freedom of a fresh pen and a blank sheet of paper :slight_smile:

Now if only there was a doodling feature… maybe a tic-tac-toe easter egg?