Difference between Compile->Replacements and Edit->Replace..

Dear forum,
i used different types of Preset Replacements to comment out LaTex code. For example for citations, tables, items, quotations i always add the comment expression characters:

So, the last time i tried to compile with these replacements was on December 2012. Now this workflow didn’t work. The comment characters will be converted like that:

$ For my bibtex citations it changes from ~\citep{citationkey} to \ensuremath{\sim}$citationkey$ If i mannually replace the documents LaTex code with the additional comment characters, it works. The comment characters won't be shown in the compiled LaTex file. And the LaTex code will not be converted. So, did something changed with the Replacements tool in the compiler? Or the way when it will replace elements, perhaps after searching for comment expressions? Perhaps some of you have the same problem, or could help me. Mickey

That’s interessting. I tried some installation scenarios with different Scrivener and MultiMarkdown versions. It looks like that the MMD installation version doesn’t make trouble. I finally use MMD 4.1. But if i use Scrivener 2.3.1 (January 2013) everything works. When i had updated to the latest 2.4.1 (with these RegEx functions) the comment expressions didn’t work.

So i will use 2.3.1 and wait to get a solution.

Hmm, what does Scrivener’s verbatim output look like for one of these raw codes that gets damaged? By that I mean, if you select the plain MultiMarkdown compile format and open that in a text editor, what do you see? That file is all Scrivener creates, so if the code looks correct there, something down the line in the MMD configuration itself is messing up the comment code. Do you use XSLT post-processing or any other modified workflow?