Difference between 'Notes' and 'Ideas' ?


I’m a new user, and write non-fiction. What’s the difference between documents in the ‘Notes’ section and those in ‘Ideas’ ? Do they have different features?


Are you using a particular template or the tutorial?
The standard Blank template has no presets other than Draft and Research.
Click on the Inspector, and you will see a panel for Notes on either the Document or Project.
If Notes and Ideas appear as folders, they are just arbitrary.
You could name them Characters and Places if you wish.
Offhand, I’d say that Notes are research facts, interviews, & quotations.
While Ideas are thoughts about themes, structure, and to-do items.
I’d recommend that you start with a Blank project rather than NonFiction.
You can feel trapped by its conventions; in Blank you are free to set your own.
Good luck!

Yeah, it sounds like you are talking about one of the non-fiction templates. You can do whatever you want with these folders. Delete them, make more, change their icons, use Ideas to hold pictures of carrots. There are no “features” in them, they are just folders like any other folder you might choose to create in the binder. The templates are feature demonstrations. They show off some of the things you can do in Scrivener, but ultimately they all came from a Blank starter and there is nothing that you cannot otherwise do in Blank that you find in them. As your familiarity with the program grows, you’ll probably want to either fork your favourite templates with your own preferred starting folders and compile settings, or just start from scratch with each new project.

For those that don’t remember the late 2010 (or was it 2009) Iao fiasco, I must insert the following completely off topic but highly amusing (to me) explanation of the difference between ideas and notes.

Notes: documented observations of those both chivalrous and less than chivalrous Y chromosome reactions to the posts of one AmberV as collected by one Ioa Petra’ka.

Idea: The image of Jennifer Aniston-esq blonde sipping tea while using scrivener to create MMD documents of the FAQ while dressed in … less than complete clothing held by the above mentioned Y chromosome holders. Some of whom still bear a scars and grudge to this day

See if I implement your no-cache Apache module, now! :smiling_imp:

And here my Y chromosome fails. I have the perfect, but inapplicable, double X based response. Now my XY response is left reduced to :stuck_out_tongue:.