Difference(s) between AppStore and L&Latte ?

Hey there, sweet ones.

So. I’m a totally new Mac user. Don’t really know how things work around here. Actually, I’m not sure that this is the right place to ask my questions. If it is not, please accept my apologies.

The thing is: I want to buy Scrivener. Two options for me : Literature and Latte site, or AppStore. I do not know which one would be the best choice. I do not have yet an AppStore profile, so i chose -for now- the L&Latte option. But one thing stopped me: this little eCD icon just next to the produce’s name. This is the moment I’m asking the really stupid question right now: if I’m buying it from there; this eCD stuff, is it only an option ? Or will I only receive it from postal stuff, on a physical CD ? Yes, many of you might think that this is stupid, and, once again, I am really sorry for that. The fact is I have not completed my coordinates for now -the moment you have to fill all those personal datas in order to buy the application-, because I don’t know yet if I’ll have to wait for the “physical” stuff, or if I’ll be able to download it immediately.

The second question, now. Maybe even more stupid, so prepare yourself. Let’s say I’ll buy it from AppStore. This is about judiciary stuff now. So,buy it from AppStore, writing a stuff. Maybe even publishing it. The question is: will Apple, or any tierce person or enterprise or almighty godlike entity, will be able to claim some kind of “property” on my works, because i’ll have bought the application from their stuff, or for any other reason ?

I think I’m done now. I thank you in advance, and wish you to have a good day.

PS = I was a Windows user. Old computer, old Windows, with a very very limited access to the Internet; I hope this will explain my apparent lack of knowledge in what can be a very obvious domain for the majority of you. :blush:

Edit: Oh, and sorry for my possibly clumsy English. Not my natural language. Hope this will not create too many understanding problems !

You can download a trial version of Scrivener, use it for 30 days (real 30 days usage, meaning the days you won’t use it won’t count, so much better than your standard deal with trial versions), and then buy the license. My point is, you don’t have to wait for any physical stuff. In fact, unless you want it, you won’t get any physical stuff. Which is much better, who needs that?

If I were you, I’d go with L&L. Mac App Store version won’t let you try future beta versions (if you are the adventurous type), and new versions of Scrivener in MAS will certainly show up later than new versions at L&L. Why? Because MAS must ‘approve’ the new version first.

Your concerns about Apple claiming that they ‘own’ some of your writings, though, is a little out there. It won’t happen.

Finally, if you are an educator, you get even a little discount at L&L, which you won’t get at MAS.

No brainer, go for L&L


The “eCD” thing is indeed just an option. If you tick it, you get a CD sent out (but it costs a little more). Whether you tick it or not, though, you receive your serial number immediately. As soon as you receive your serial number, you just enter it into the trial version to turn the trial version into the regular version. So whether you choose the App Store version or to buy through the L&L site, you can download and use Scrivener straight away.

Regarding differences between the App Store version and the version on our site, there should usually be none. There are a few minor differences at the moment, however, with the version on our site being slightly more updated than the version on the App Store, because of the delay in getting through the review process for the App Store before Lion was released. We’ll be releasing a free update in the next week or two, though, which will return them to being exactly the same, other than the way you register them (i.e. using a serial number or by downloading from the App Store).

Other than that, the only consideration is that if you download from the App Store, you can only use Scrivener on computers running Snow Leopard or Lion; if you download directly from us, you can run it on Tiger or above.

Whichever way you download, no one else owns your writing, so there are no concerns there.

I hope this helps. Thanks for wanting to buy!

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Does either method result in a higher amount of money going to the developer?

Buying from us direct - Apple take between 30 and 40% from Mac App Store sales.

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Thank you for your quick and precise answers; my concerns are now dissipated. Bought Scrivener, and this stuff makes my life so much easier now. Kudos to you, and thanks again.

I wish you a very pleasant day. =)