differences in graphics from Scrivener to Word after compile

Screengrab #1 shows a 300 DPI graphic inserted into a Scrivener file
As you can see it does NOT align with the text correctly and takes up two lines instead of one
Magnication set to my standard 135%

Screengrab #2 shows the same graphic inserted in that same section but AFTER I’ve compiled into docx and opened it up in word

This is how it is supposed to look. Graphic aligns nicely with text without adding extra space
(I’ve increased magnification on Word to 200% so it can be seen more easily)

Is Scrivener set to a 72 or 96 DPI screen resolution and Word is set to a 300 print resolution? If so, is there a way to get Scrivener to give me the same 300 print resolution as Word?
I’ve looked at the Scrivener page in its own “print preview.” It shows the same INCORRECT view as screengrab #1

Thanks, Marta. At the moment, the image PPI doesn’t affect its display in Scrivener (or the print preview); this is just a set display, and there aren’t options to change it. Better handling the image print resolution is something we’d like to address, but it requires some significant changes and testing to make sure it’s done correctly (with no images harmed in the process) so it’s slated for the next major release.

Might this be chalked up to the difference between WYSIWYG editors like Word and “plain text”* tools like scriv?

*[size=80] Yes I know sciv uses RTF and all kinds of other things, but Kb has regularly said that scriv is NOT a layout tool and that the editor does not represent the output state. He has also said that folks should expect some level of refinement will be needed via a layout tool post compile.[/size]

Thanks, JH!